God Awefull Clicker is a Free-To-Play RPG Clicker game full of greek mythology and epic battles.


We are greenlit to launch onĀ STEAM in the future.


In God Awefull Clicker you’ll battle your way through the trials of the Greek Pantheon and recruit them to your side. Play along with Zeus, Aphrodite, Aries and the rest of the pantheon as a choice of your party to aide you in your fight to rise to the top! As you defeat their chosen champions, members of the Greek Gods will join your quest and provide you with spells and abilities, increasing your powers.

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Already in BETA
-Both Damage & Healing Clicking
-Recruit Gods and Form Your Own Party
-Decimate many Enemies
-Level Your Hero & Team through EXP
-Delve into a Skill Tree with many options
-Try your luck with Armor Crafting and Upgrading
-Earn God Powers with NO starting over
-Unlock fun Divine Blessings for God Power
-Blast your Enemies with powerful and playful spells
-Finish Collections to earn Rewards
-Fulfill Quests by finding Quest Items
-Discover Artifacts that empower your Gods
-Earn Trophies
-Explore Different Lands/Biomes
-Choose between playing more passively or actively
-It’s Endless! Keep Playing.




God Awefull Clicker is an RPG Clicker meaning that it is a Clicker game with more RPG (Role-playing game) elements added in. Like in most clicker games, you use your mouse to attack the enemy with raw damage. In GAC though, your Hero Gladiator does a lot of damage as well. Your Gladiator will take incoming damage and you must click on him to replenish his health, or take the help of the healer class Gods such as Demeter.

This game goes beyond a simple clicker game and encourages a use of strategy and play-style preferences. Your party can consist of an extra four party members, each a God of the Greek Pantheon that will lend you their powers. Each of these gods has a power spell you can call forth, a spell they cast themselves, and a passive bonus that empowers you. Chosing the right combination of Gods can direct your strategy. In addition, each God has brought their three most precious artifacts with them, and as you find upgrades for these, they will strength the spells the Gods cast! These Gods level along side your Hero Gladiator and gain the experience of battle, becoming more powerful as they grow.

Your Hero Gladiator gains power and Skill points as he levels, choosing which skills to pick in theĀ Skill Tree should prove to be a challenge indeed! To gain even more strength Craft and Upgrade your armor using gold and crystal shards found throughout the battles. This gear can vastly improve aspects of your strategy. Will you be a shielder, a gambler, a healer, a warrior, or a buffer?

Unlike a majority of clicker-style games, you are not forced to restart the game in order to gain your power! As you fight forward, you will find Divine Bosses and these drop God Power. These will be available to you IMMEDIATELY to purchase Divine Blessings. At no point in the game are you forced to restart in order to get your hard earned shinies. Play for as long as you want, to as high of a path as you desire!

Speaking of shinies! God Awefull Clicker includes many items to collect for rewards, urns to break for goodies and free Golden Apples, and Satchels to loot for bonus artifacts. On top of this, each land has quest items to find and bountiful quest rewards to receive.

We respect your hands, and your mouse! We’ve included Auto-Clicker features to help give yourself a break. Collect these from killing monsters in the game and they’ll do the work for you, healing your Hero Gladiator and damaging Enemies.